Amount Babu Owino has spent So Far on DJ Evolve’s Treatment

DJ Evolve’s father John Orinda has spoken to the media over his son’s shooting that landed the Embakasi East Member of parliament  Babu Owino in big trouble.

Babu shot DJ Evolve in the neck at popular B club in Kilimani, Nairobi. A video of the shocking shooting emerged online.

Embakasi Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino, who is facing attempted murder charges, is seen whipping his pistol before shooting a man believed to be Orinda.

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DJ Evolve

The youthful MP is seen smoking shisha in the company of other revelers.

The 18 seconds long CCTV footage ends with two men dragging the wounded man from the club.From the time stamp on the video, the incident happened at 7.16 am.

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mtoto bado ako kwa serious condition,ako..awesi amka mali amelala…..apo mbeleni aliongea kidogo ata tuka furahi ako sasawa..alafuu i think it is around..kama three.. four days sai, vile aliweka pipe awesi ongea kwa mdomo, ata sisi tunawacha yeye apumzike tu kidogo ndo madaktari wakitoa io,pumsi ikirudi sasawa ndotutaongea na yeye.  risasi ilipitia apa ikatoka pande hii ikagusa spinal cord kidogo, sasa wanasema piaapo watapeleka kwa operation ndo wajue iko namna gani ambapo wanasema wanaezapeleka yeye by Tuesday“, narrated Orinda.

Translated (“The child is still in a serious condition,he can not stand up, earlier he spoke a little,we were even happy he would be fine..and then i think it is around like three..four days now,the moment he was put on pipe he couldn’t communicate with his mouth. We are letting him rest for a while until the doctors remove the pipe. when his breathing returns to normal we will talk with him..the bullet passed over here touching the spinal cord a little bit whereby doctors say he will need another operation, he might be taken for it on Tuesday”.)

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Babu Owino

Asked if Babu has ever called him over the incident or visited,he revealed he’s never done so but he is still grateful that the legislature was thoughtful enough to take his son to the hospital. In addition he stated that Babu has spent around Ksh 800,000 in treatment expenditures.

It has not been confirmed what led to the shooting.

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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta

City lawyer Cliff Ombetta has said that the incident of his client Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino shooting Club B’ in-house Deejay is regrettable.

“From What I am Getting a person whom he eventually realized is his friend approached him in away that a Babu was not expecting and so he reacted.

During that reaction is when eventually somebody was shot. So there was never an intention to commit an offence. And that is why he wants the matter to be investigated to the end,” narrated Ombeta.

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