The Three Women Responsible for Waititu’s Impeachment

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s troubles were compounded way before he appeared before the senate.

Three women emerged as the final piece needed to bury Waititu.

The ladies, his two wives and a widow, were the major talk during the hearing led by Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Lawyer Nani Mungai smelt blood from the offset of the discussion and capitalised on the involvement of the three.

In a sarcastic manner, Mungai noted that the Kiambu governor did not discriminate his wives when distributing funds acquired in a corrupt manner.

Esther Nyatu and Susan Wangari were roped into the matter after being accused of being involved in looting public funds.

Wangari specifically, was highlighted to have helped the county boss in fraudulently procuring a tender worth Ksh 588 million.

Nyatu was articulated to have been granted a lease on a property stolen by the governor.

Cecil Njoki, the widow, proved to have brought the vocal Waititu to his knees over the stealing of her land.

The Jubilee party member was on numerous occasions accused of forcefully taking her Ksh 100 million property.

In 2013, Njoki had applied for approval from the county government to develop her land only to be denied the request.

According to the lady, her approval letter was given the go-ahead and later cancelled over grounds that it was public land.

Four years later, Njoki had been called by the embattled county boss to his office over the matter.

It was revealed that Waititu promised to give her the long-awaited approval after she surrendered her land.

The widow was shocked after details emerged that Nyatu was handed her property.

In September 2019, Njoki’s fortunes made a turnaround after the government repossessed the land and gave it back to her.

Florence Kajuju, who is the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) chairperson, noted that the findings from her body would be handed to the DPP for the prosecution of Waititu.

Florence Kajuju during a past media briefing

“We will hand over our report to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. We are not allowed to prosecute. We follow our investigations and if we find a criminal element then we forward the same to the relevant offices,” remarked Kajuju.

In a last-ditch effort to save his skin, the politician through his lawyer Ng’ang’a Mbugua, hilariously called for the determination of whether Wangari was Waititu’s wife.

Ex-Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu during his hearing at the Senate

Despite losing the battle, Waititu seems to be still trying to win the war after he moved to the High Court in an effort to quash the decision made by the Senate.

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