Ruto’s Promise as President that Left Kenyans in Stitches

Deputy President William Ruto is a man that never lacks a response to any matter.

Known for his prowess in dodging questions, Ruto was at it again during an interview on NTV with Ken Mijungu.

During the fiery discussion, the DP landed a punchline that left the country laughing so hard.

William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto

The second in command stated that in the event he ever gets to be the president, there would be no corruption.

He explained that there would be no coin loitering due to no money being in place to be stolen.

“If I get the opportunity to run a government, there will be no corruption. There will be no money to steal because every coin will be used. There will be no coin loitering anywhere for anyone to steal,” Ruto pronounced.

Netizens were left amused and clutching to their ribs in laughter, with some noting that Ruto had indirectly stated he would be corrupt.

Here are some of the reactions:

Mutsai Moses remarked, “OMG!!!!! you mean you will Chanel everything to your personal account and use it with your family? That is dangerous thief!!!!”

Another netizen identified as Prince Collo, “For more jokes send the word corruption to 2929.”

Modo Strong expressed, “In other words “ I will steal all the money, therefore there will be no money for anyone else left to steal.”

David Njenga noted, “This is it… Beware of this red alert.”

Dave Mutegi articulated, “Lies after lies, you are the second senior-most in jubilee government but you’ve stolen a lot. Stop taking Kenyans for a ride.”

Ruto had in the past come under immense scrutiny in reference to his wealth.

When questioned over his networth, the Jubilee party member complained that he was being targeted over the matter, unlike other politicians.

He insisted that his ambition to be president was the reason why the question was constantly floated in such forums.

Deputy President Dr William Ruto at a past event. PHOTO: Courtesy

Despite the alleged corruption cases such as the Weston Hotel and the Ksh 272 million Ngong Forest land saga, DP Ruto asserted that he acquired everything he has through hard work.

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