[VIDEOS] Times Raila Was Caught On Camera Having Fun With Younger Women

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Far from being one of the most powerful politicians over the years, Raila Odinga is also known for his great sense of humor and being a passionate dancer.

In a most recent video that went viral, Odinga stated that he is ready to begin his search for ‘Ndogo Ndogo’- young women after receiving grooming services at one of the popular spas in the city.

Although his remarks might have come off as a joke, Odinga seemingly enjoys the company of young women and has severally been spotted having fun with them during festivals and other public events.

The 74-year-old has on these occasions shown his mastery in the skill and to prove that he is capable, Odinga has been captured dancing to different genres of music; from Rhumba to bongo hits.

In some of the videos of him dancing, the opposition leader does not shy off from having a dancing partner and like other political leaders; he also has a record of dancing with a women’s group during a function.

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One of the most memorable moments is when he danced with a young woman in front of his wife during a Luo Festival.

Apart from the young women, Raila during his 74th birthday party danced with his wife Ida Odinga; a move that excited Kenyans.

Here are some of the moments Raila was captured dancing with younger women

Raila entertained during the Luo Night Event 2015

During this event, Raila stopped bodyguards from sending a lady out of his way; a gesture that implied he had no problem dancing with her.

Raila dances to Tetema

Odinga got down to Tetema hit song after he was cornered by an alleged slay queen; this time he seems to enjoy his own company.

Some Rhumba vybe

While dancing, Odinga always shows that he is a happy man and this can be seen from the broad signature smile while at it.

Raila dance with Ida Odinga

And now for the Birthday Dance. President Uhuru Kenyatta joins Raila Odinga and Mama Ida Odinga on the floor. #HappyBirthdayRaila

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