Tension as ‘Armed’ Napoli Fans Walk Around Liverpool City Ahead of Clash

Napoli fans have been spotted walking around Liverpool City centre armed with golf clubs, reminding Liverpool fans of a recent attack by Roma fans carrying belts.

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Napoli fans. (Photo: Courtesy)

Napoli are set to face Liverpool at Anfield in the Champions League this evening, and the Italians are making their presence known.

A section of fans have been photographed carrying what appears to be golf clubs near the Liverpool FC Store at Williamson Square in Liverpool City Centre.

Renowned sports journalist Chris Williams has posted the photo on twitter and expressed his concern- barely two hours to the match’s kick-off.

“Large group of Napoli fans currently walking around Liverpool city centre, armed with what looks like – golf clubs,” his tweet reads.

Only recently some fans were attacked in the streets by Roma fans carrying belts.

No one wants to see people getting hurt or even being made to feel unsafe, and one has to hope things are not entirely as they seem in this image above.

One imagines the police will also be on hand to try to keep a handle on things if tensions appear to escalate.

Prior to this, Liverpool had announced that tickets for the match had been sold out. The club its fans, who had not bought tickets, not to travel to Anfield.
Season ticket holders, who had purchased different seats from those of premier league matches, were also reminded that their season ticket cards are activated for access into the stadium.

The match is scheduled to start at 11 pm (Kenyan time).

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