Woman Seeks Answers After Her Father Was Killed by Imran Campaign Convoy

Barely hours after ODM’s Imran Okoth was declared MP-elect following Thursday’s Kibra Constituency by-election, a bitter woman has come out on social media, demanding answers with regard to an accident that left her father dead, during the heated campaign period.

According to one Samantha (@RChesoni on Twitter), her father left home at around 11 AM on Nov. 3 for a walk along Mbagathi Road, when he was ran over twice, first by a motorbike, then a vehicle, believed to have been part of Imran’s campaign convoy.

The victim, Nelson Chesoi, was then left for the dead by the convoy and it took the assistance of a good Samaritan to get him to hospital, although he later succumbed, to skull and limb fractures sustained from the horrific incident.

The deceased’s wife said that eyewitnesses told her that Imran was present during the accident, but he did nothing to help Chesoi, and just allowed the white car, whose registration details are yet to be established, make a u-turn and flee the scene.

“Please, we just want to know what happened to my dad,” Samantha pleaded amidst accusations that her claims were a smear campaign against Imran’s Thursday victory.

Politician and activist Boniface Mwangi, whose party had also fielded a candidate in the poll, has joined in the calls for investigations into the incident, that killed his gentle neighbour of 11 years.

Mwangi called upon Imran and ODM to take responsibility over the tragedy, especially since several people placed the newly elected MP at the scene of the accident, although he was on a different vehicle.

Neither Imran nor ODM have responded to the claims so far.

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