9 Beautiful Photos Of Anita Nderu’s Look-Alike Sister

Anita Nderu is undeniably one of the media girls who has caught the eyes of many with her exceptional beauty.

Far from her physical appearance, the TV girl also manages to charm team mafisi with her killer fashion.

Anita has today proved to her fans that her kind of beauty that many are dying for runs in the family.

This comes after she shared a photo of her gorgeous little sister Vanessa Nderu captioning it with a sweet message.

According to Anita, being an older sister has always been a full-time job and she totally loves the fact that they are close.

“I love you so much, Vanessa! Thank you for being an amazing sister and for always keeping us in check.” She wrote

Anita mentioned that their bond is not just sisterhood but she thinks of her sister as her unofficial firstborn. She also spoke highly of her revealing that she is amazing.

Despite the slight difference in their skin complexion, Anita and Vanessa both have long beautiful hair and have a good taste in their fashion.

Here are some of her photos


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