‘Your Makeup Artist Transformed You Into a Man’ Akothee Trolled for Bad Makeup(Photos)

Singer Akothee has today been mocked by Kenyans after her bad makeup photos from the AFRIMMA Awards went viral.

During the awarding ceremony, Akothee was crowned as the Best Female Artist in East Africa.

The artist rocked a glamorous red dress and was excited about the win. Although fans congratulated her, most were not silent about her make-up malfunction.

Kenyans expressed their disappointment towards her make-up artist for ruining her big day with such shoddy work.

According to her fans, Akothee might have innocently posted the photos from the event without noticing how bad the makeup was.

Fans have suggested that Akothee should immediately fire her makeup artist to avoid such embarrassing moments.

The last time Akothee stepped out in a beautiful makeup was during her birthday and Kenyans were generally impressed by the outlook. Image result for akothee beautiful make up

PHOTO/COURTESY Akothee on her birthdayThis time, however, many agreed that she looked awful while receiving her award.

Have a look at the comments.

Lilian Njoki Awesome but the person that applied your makeup wasn’t too happy for you

Felly Muriuki We can fire the make up artist on your behalf, congratulations though

Carosimons Munene Congrates mummy,but your make up artist didn’t do you justice.I love your natural beauty .next time tell your artist to do your makeup perfectly

Sarah GoldenHeart Looking lovely but the Makeup is a big NO since it doesn’t match the colour of your skin dear.Congratulations madam Boss

Lu’c Taku As much as your make up artist wanted you to look like a scarecrow, you surprised her. Congratulations Madam Boss

Daisy Musungu Congratulations mama..
MAKE UP artist should be arrested you can’t afford to do this to Madam Boss.. She was to shine and you just spoiled her face..

Meggy Sasha Kunatime alituchocha huwa haeki makeup ,,,Nini ilimpeleka uko tena

Talia Eskays Sasa hizi make ups jameni. What am i seeing😂😂😂😂😂🙆

Kaslimpo Scola Macharia Makeup why why😓😫😥

Lucy Githaka The make up artist transformed her into a man, smh

Margaret Linet Aki msijaribu kumwambia kwa page yake…utatusiwa ujidharau🤣🤣🤣the make up was bad..but congratulations for the win afterall the votes counted

Lavenda Kate Aki is it the makeup or the quality of pictures?Ata the other lady doesn’t look nice at all.Either way, congratulations are in order.

Lisa Ann Congrats. But she needs a stylist. Akothee is rich but never looks good hata avae expensive shit. Huyo makeup artist wake should be slapped so hard flr that nonsense she put on her face.

Nyawira Sue This is not Akothee

Najma Darling Peter aki huyo wa make up kwani hakujiona kwa kioo waaahhh

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