‘He Smokes Bang’- Yet Again, Sudi Fires Verbal Onslaught At Atwoli (Video)


A collage of COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and Kapseet MP Oscar Sudi.

Yet again, Kapseret Member of Parliament(MP) Oscar Sudi has fired verbal attacks at the Secretary-General of Central Organization of Trade Unions(COTU) Francis Atwoli.

Speaking at a wedding ceremony in Uasin Gishu, the MP, who was recorded in video footage uploaded in MKN YouTube account on Saturday, accused Atwoli of being a wife snatcher.

“I want to tell you Kibet when you walk with your wife either in the city or any corner and you see Atwoli lock her in the car. Atwoli is one of those old people who lack any respect.

He has snatched so many young men their wives. Even his younger wife he snatched from a 30-year-old man,” said the MP.

Sudi went ahead and claimed that Atwoli was a bhang smoker seemingly insinuating that his outbursts over 2022 succession politics were as a result of drug abuse.

“Atwoli is a bhang smoker, he takes not alcohol or any other thing. He has made so many young Luhya men suffer after snatching their wives and smoking that bhang of his I don’t know whether it is dry or not,” said Sudi.

The MP was reacting to Atwoli remarks in which the SG criticized Deputy President William Ruto saying that he will not be on the ballot come to 2022 General Elections.

Barely a week ago, Atwoli claimed that DP Ruto will not get any votes in Western without his hand.

Speaking last Saturday at Bukhwala Seventh Day Adventist Church in Khwisero Constituency, the COTU chief dismissed Ruto’s presidential ambitions saying he had no capacity to serve the nation.

He also claimed that the Western Region will never support Ruto for the presidency.


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