These Are Not My Roads, Babu Lashes Out Over State of Roads After Viral Photos

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino during a past public address

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino came out gun blazing following viral photos of shocking state of two roads in Embakasi area.

Babu on Wednesday was quick to respond after photos of two roads in Pipeline Estate showed the unbelievable condition they were in.

The tough talking lawmaker stated that the grievances by netizens were directed to the wrong person.

The MP clarified that the roads in the area were located in Embakasi South which is lead by MP Julius Mawathe and not him.

“These two roads are in pipeline which is in Embakasi south hence I should be given a break.Roads in Embakasi east are passable because of my hard work.”

“The road between fedha and gate B shall be constructed soon.For the doubting Thomas take a walk in Embakasi East and witness the work of the best MP in Kenya.” stated Babu.

State of a road in Pipeline Area in Embakasi
Poor state of road in Pipeline area in Embakasi

Some residents of the area however did not take the response well with a group claiming that the sentiments by the ODM party member were far from true.

A group of netizens asked the controversial leader to be slow in pointing fingers without putting his house in order first.

Here are some of the reactions:

A social media user identified as Mike Muli told the representative to be serious with his work of addressing problems in the area.

“Babu you should pull up your socks and start working for the people of Embakasi East, you’re too behind in terms of infrastructure, stop pointing fingers on other leaders, safisha kwako Kwanza, Tassia Road is pathetic not mention fedha Nyayo Road , we are waiting.” noted Muli.

One Gaailel Eliud proclaimed that,”Roads in Donholm are pathetic or is donholm in Embakasi South?I will post pics here later in the evening.”

The next to bash Babu was Peter Mburu who asserted that,”Becauses you tarmacked kwa ndege to gate b which is less than 1 kilometre you think you are better than Mawathe.”

Another netizen commented that,”Are you even serious sir, which embakasi east,, umefika tassia ukajionea maneno, umefika nyayo from fedha gari ikatoka bila bumper, on this one I’ll disagree with you you’re lying, personally I’m a disappointed voter who trusted you to change things,, unda hizi rody Bana, tuongee kama sikanyagi maborehole on my way to work and back.” expressed Kelky Kevo.

Tassia Estate

Kipngetich Kiptunoi advised the once UON student leader that he should stop boasting and humble himself.

“You can’t rank yourself,even you are doing good let others credit you…eti the best mp in Kenya?” questioned Kiptunoi.

Max Olum asserted that, “You are best performing in abusing top leaders. You won’t go anywhere come 2022.”

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