Dennis Itumbi disowns campaign endorsing Ruto’s Presidency

Photo: Dennis Itumbi/courtesy

Secretary Digital, Innovations & Diaspora Communications, Dennis Itumbi, has disowned an online campaign pushing for DP William Ruto’s presidency.

On his Twitter timeline, Itumbi, on Thursday, explained that the online campaign, #VoteForRote, had been sponsored by detractors to paint a picture that the deputy president was already in a campaign mode.

Photo: An online campaign poster for the Deputy President William Ruto

“In April 2019, this group running hashtag Vote For Ruto, and purporting DP William Ruto is already in campaign mode, did exactly the same thing. It is a group financed by people whose strategies have all failed. We wish them well in their remedial twitter exams!” Itumbi tweeted.

The same sentiments were shared by another Twitter user, Brian Khaniri, who termed the campaign as propaganda sponsored by Ruto’s detractors to taint his image.

“VOTE for RUTO campaign is propaganda pushed by his detractors meant to taint his reputation by painting an image of someone in campaign mode. Dr Ruto has been very clear that he is focused on service delivery & 2022 politics will come at the appropriate time. IGNORE PROPAGANDISTS,” Khaniri stated.

The campaign has been highlighting his major achievements which are meant to convince the electorate.

Here are a few posts endorsing Ruto’s Presidency.

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