Young female engineer sends internet on meltdown with stunning photos of her prowess

Eng. Sowda Hussein Suudi, Image/Courtesy

A young female engineer is basking in online glory after netizens showered her with praises for excelling in the field that has been regarded as tough and boy’s game.

Sowda Hussein Suudi who has captivated everyone with her engineering prowess at a tender age is an electrical Engineering graduate from Somaville University, Somalia.

Sowda also doubles as an accountant. Her beautiful photos which depict her kind of daily working environment has been shared widely on social media exuded her tremendous skills.


The field of engineering has been regarded as a reserve for the boys due to the technicality involved. The young passionate engineer has become an inspiration to other young women who would wish to pursue careers in engineering.

Here are some of the stunning photos of the young engineer:


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