There is nothing like a meal worth less than 200bob at a Kibanda

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Kibanda food is delicious and nutritious and affordable Don’t argue with us. Argue with your boda guy. In this current economic climate (Hello chocolate VAT!). We need to give up on high-end restaurants and maybe give Kibandas and our wallets a chance. Ama namna gani ma fren? Here are some Kibanda food that we sampled and we swear none of it was above 200 bob.

1.Ugali and dry fry

Are you even Kenyan if you have not eaten Ugali dry fry? We only recognized you as Kenyan from your ID and naming the ingredients that make up this national dish. Its Ugali, meat of your choice that has been fried down in its own fats and juices and to top it all off with all the kachumbari you can eat. Is anyone else hungry just reading this? Just us then? Ok.

Delicious Kibanda Food That Cost 200Shs Only

2.Chapo Madondo

Chapo madondo is a national treasure and we don’t want any argument here. Is it even a Kibanda if it does not serve chapo madondo? The best way to have it is with some chili and avocado on the side. (Watu wa avocado is trash please speak among yourselves)

Delicious Kibanda Food That Cost 200Shs Only

3.Ugali Managu

Ugali managu is good enough for our ancestors (who had no VAT by the way), then it is good enough for us. If your kibanda is fancy, they even make it with milk cream which is honestly heavenly you guys. Try it!

Delicious Kibanda Food That Cost 200Shs Only


We are not talking about trash githeri here folks. I’m talking about soft maize and beans slow-cooked in spices, onions, tomatoes and dhania. It’s served hot with some fresh chili paste, some kachumbari and an avocado. Whew chile, there is a God!

Delicious Kibanda Food That Cost 200Shs Only

There is never a need to be so middle class and hurt your wallet. Guys, let’s manage our money better and promote kibanda culture. All the food is delicious anyway, so why not?

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