The lengths at which Kenyan women will go to get pregnant

Belly of a pregnant woman, Photo : Courtesy

When you set your eyes on a cute baby, it’s like something gets triggered in your mind and all you can think about is having a baby of your own. For some women, there is nothing in the world more important than having a baby.  They will break the law, break hearts, and break their bank accounts attempting to have a little bundle of joy. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a baby, there are certain lines that should not be crossed because doing so is just plain crazy. Here are a few things women have done in order to conceive. You can try them too!

1. Let it happen naturally

One of the best ways to get pregnant is to just let it happen naturally. It is said that when you are not trying, you are most likely to get pregnant. It’s like anything else in life, the more you force it, the more difficult it’ll be hitting your goal. Sometimes you just have to let the universe do its thing and bring what is meant to come to you. If you’re meant to have a baby, you’ll get him/ her. A little patience goes a long way. I know sometimes it wears thin, but it’s definitely going to be so worth it in the end!

5 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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2. Put on socks during adult time

The logic behind this is to get the blood flowing in order to increase circulation. Regular exercise will have you doing the same btw. Of course, you can try this method if you want to, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying it out and increasing your chances. It’s a tad bit weird, but worth a shot. Right?
What would make it more fun and enticing is to take up a physical hobby with ya mans such as hiking, walking, bicycle riding, etc. You will have fun with him, have a few laughs, and get a good cardio pump going. This will also help lower cortisol levels, decrease stress, and possibly boost your chances of having a baby. Ya feel me?

5 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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3. Dropping animal products

Those who avoid and I mean KEEP OFF from animal products often go through a decrease in inflammation and sluggishness. But when it comes to hormones, a lot of vegan foods like soybeans among others,  have estrogen-like compounds that can impede fertility. So if you’re an addict and sucker for animal products, you should try this method. It’s worked on quite a number of women. Is this something worth doing to become the next mom?

5 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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4. Slurp that cough syrup

I bet you’re thinking, like who TF would go to such lengths to conceive and that I’m probably crazy, but this is a known fact. I am not talking out of the experience, but I’m talking about those women who have done this. Well, it turns out there is some rationale behind this advice. One active ingredient in cough syrup (and products like Mucinex) is guaifenesin-which thins out the mucus in the respiratory tract. Therefore, it’s possible it thins mucus elsewhere, as well. With diluted mucus in the cervix, sperms have less resistance travelling to the egg. So your chances of conceiving are at a higher percentage.

5 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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5. Eating pineapples

Yes, ladies. You need to keep them pineapples coming in ya tummy. Pineapples contain a great amount of the enzyme bromelain, which is beneficial to the female parts. Bromelain is said to help the embryos get comfy in the lining of the uterus, making conception go smoother. After ovulation, if you eat some fruit salad containing pineapple for about a week, you will reap the benefits of this powerful enzyme (without having to go pineapple insane). You just want to make sure you aren’t getting too much sugar, so keep a good balance between the two.

I6 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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6. Steal some sperm

You know what this means ladies!  If you’re ready to be called ‘mama’, you can put some holes in ya mans rubber without him noticing. It’s not a crimino’ offence. Some women have lied about taking the pill and have told their men that they’re on their safe days. Some have even gone to the extent of telling him that they’re not ovulating. He doesn’t know you lyin’. It’s not like he’s gonna ask you for proof! So, get ya baby sis.

6 Unbelievable Things Women Do To Make Babies
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Girl, you know you’re crazy. If you want to have a baby, go for it. As long as you know that you’re in a stable position to take care and raise a baby. If not, just be patient. You will get a baby when you’re ready. You still have so much ahead of you. OK?

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