The different kinds of cheating boyfriends who exist in Kenya



There’s nothing as heartbreaking as finding out that the supposed love of your life went behind your back with another woman. And sometimes we feel like its all on us, that maybe we didn’t do things right, maybe you were too uptight or maybe you aren’t as interesting as you were before, right? Yeah, you are wrong. When a man decides to cheat he’s not acting out because he feels like you aren’t enough anymore, he’s just reflecting his own insecurities. Cheating gives them that extra boost because they feel like they can get any woman around to bend to their will. So see? It’s not all on you girl! There are different personalities of cheating boyfriends.

Here are some of them:
1.The cryer

Remember when Rihanna sang the song ‘Take a bow’? She said to her supposed cheat of a man “You’re so ugly when you cry”. And best believe it girl, he’s only saying sorry cause he got caught!

make him respect you
Image: BuzzFeed
2. The  cliché guy: ”I’ll change, I’ll promise”

Sis,Lemme remind you that a cheetah never changes its spots!

make him respect you
Image: Giphy
3. Mr “It’s not what you think, let me explain”

If you really are sure of what you know or saw, you don’t need any explanation! What use will it be anyway?

confident women in bed
Image: R. Eric Thomas
4. The one who asks for second chances

But is it his second chance for sure? And how sure are you he won’t do it again. He showed you the real him boo, walk away!

make him respect you
Image: The Skinny Black Girl’s Code

Ladies, don’t be tempted to go back to a man who already deceived you and broke your trust.

Remember you are worth so much more!

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