Spice up your foreplay by pleasuring yourself infront of your partner

A lot of people are weirded out by the thought of it even though they do it behind closed doors, but it’s not something anyone should be ashamed of. We get it, though, it can be a bit awkward talking openly about it and even more awkward doing it in front of your bae.

Getting off while your partner watches is such a turn on and that’s a good reason it should be introduced in your foreplay. We understand that one of your fears is the awkwardness it can bring and that’s probably a reason you’re scared of trying it, but these tips and facts can help ease all that. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it.

1. Tell him to join in

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, tell your man to join in and ‘help’. You’ll both end up enjoying it and you won’t feel too pressured to do a lot at once.

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2. Men love confidence

Doing this in front of bae definitely exudes confidence and there is nothing sexier than this to a man. Show him that you’re comfortable with your body and you will get better results in the bedroom.

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3. Takes intimacy to a whole other level

Man are visual creatures and seeing you pleasuring yourself is something they will have arched in their minds forever. This will bring you closer and gives off such a personal connection. It is such a turn on for him and you’ll be surprised how much it can turn you on too.

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4. He’ll know exactly what you like

And how you like it. This is the perfect time to teach your man what you like in bed instead of suffering bad sex throughout your whole relationship.


So give it a try ladies, and tell us what you think.

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