Former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri trolled by netizens after ‘cheating on her lesbian partner with Michelle Ntalami’

Former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri has woken up to her business being plastered all over social media. The actress who tries to keep her personal life private has unfortunately fallen on the wrong side of popularity today.

A picture of her white Mercedes Benz ruined with the words ‘Cheater’ and ‘fuck you’ branded all over it has surfaced online causing a stir. According to netizens, the story behind it is that the fashion-forward beauty was busted having cheated on her lover with Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami.

Michelle Ntalami is not new to the lesbian scandals in the country. For a long time, the successful businesswoman has been linked to popular musician Fena Gitu as having a romantic relationship. None of them has ever come out to address the rumors. But the new accusations have netizens believing she must have broken up with Fena for Makena.

Makena is now trending in the twitter streets. Not only for her ruined car but also for her sleek suave fashion sense. People have now opened their eyes to her amazing looks saying she could definitely steal your girlfriend.

Makena has in the past revealed that she grew up in a family where her father was abusive to her mother and a chronic cheater. When her mother finally decided to leave the relationship it was too late as she had contracted HIV. Her parent have both since succumbed to the disease.

Check out netizens reactions to the news.


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