Netizens Slams Atwoli Over his Prayer for Itumbi

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli. The COTU General Secretary has come under heavy criticism from social media users over his ‘Prayer’ for Dennis Itumbi and Kimwarer, Arror Dams victims. Photo/File

Controversial Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli has once again caused an online stir after hilariously offering his Sunday prayers for the release of embattled DP William Ruto’s aid Dennis Itumbi.

Through his Facebook post, Atwoli said that he had attended a Sunday morning Mass only to find the theme of the day talking about praying for those in need. As a result, the vocal COTU Secretary General decided to pray for the release of Dennis Itumbi who was arrested last week in connection to a fake letter linking four cabinet secretaries to the alleged murder plot of Deputy President William Ruto.

Image result for Francis Atwoli in Church
COTU General Secretary Francis Atwoli. He has been so vocal against William Ruto’s 2022 Presidency. Photo/File

Atwoli added that he also prayed for justice to the victims of Aror & Kimwarer dam who have never been compensated for their land after money set aside for the construction of the two dams were allegedly stolen by some individuals within the government.

He also claimed to have also extended his prayers to Kenyans who according to him, are robbed blind because of political promises “ya kurudisha mkono “.

Atwoli was seen to be referring to Mt. Kenya supporters who had promised to vote in William Ruto in 2022 as one way of paying him back for standing with the region’s kingpin President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 and 2017 general elections.

It was, however, Atwoli’s ‘Sarcastic’ prayer for the release of Dennis Itumbi that set the social media under fire. According to a section of online users, it was so hypocritical for Atwoli to pray for the release of Itumbi (Ruto’s handyman) when he was busy championing against the Deputy President.

On Saturday, Atwoli had stated that he would be heading to church on Sunday to pray for Itumbi who according to him was an innocent boy who had been set up by his master William Ruto.

Tomorrow I will be in church praying for Dennis Itumbi. A naive boy who was set up by his supposed “boss” for political mileage. If Itumbi should be in jail then his accomplice should also be in jail with him. Release Itumbi or jail both of them. #Kitaeleweka” Posted Atwoli on Saturday

It is Atwoli’s remarks that attracted a lot of reactions from the Facebook users who joined hands to condemn him. Here are some of their reactions;

Geoginah Chepz Rop But this one of yours is a mockery prayer to individual we know you…it’s a sin in the ten commandments.

Stanly Chepkwony Hope you also pray for Muchai family who you robbed their bread winner for your selfish interest

Oscar De Willians Rem to pray for yourself too for robbing the workers for that long time

Jimmy Loree Go slow when it comes to matters of God .God is not your age mate nor his he your alcohol drinking companion my friend .Many who have joked with might name have ended up with heart attacks .

Festus Murerwa It’s your secret between your God and yourself, who are we so that you can tell us? Workers are being mistreated in several institutions but you’re busy politicking claiming so and so will not be the president, that is hypocrisy

Kipchirchir Samoei You are talking as if God is your brother, please repent

Robert C. Mutai Are you the priest ndo uende alter? Shaming the good church of catholic with your filthy character



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