Bobi Wine Laughs At Latest Criminal Charges


Firebrand opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, famously known as Bobi Wine has termed the latest criminal summons issued against him as laughable.

The self proclaimed ghetto president is now facing charges of “Acts Intended to alarm, annoy or ridicule the President.” He is charged with 37 others. Ridiculing or intending to ridicule a sitting president is contrary to section 24(c) of the Penal Code Act.

charge sheet

Bobi wine maintains that its not the first time the State is slapping ridiculous charges against him, as he cites  how he previously was framed with possession of guns.

Wine also says that the government lied to the public that  Hon. Zaake tortured himself and escaped from custody to run to the hospital.

Bobi Wine believes that the state is still coming up will such charges whom he terms as  ridiculous but hopes to over come them at the end.

 ‘Lying that the 37 of us got a stone and threw it and smashed his car window wasn’t laughable enough! They are still cooking more charges. Bano batidde nnyo, naye ku last kijja kugwa.’

On Thursday, 27 of the 37 co-accused appeared before grade one Magistrate court in Gulu where the charge sheet was amended before the hearing.

In his preliminary ruling, Imran Kintu who was presiding over court committed all the accused to the High Court for trial.

Bobi wine is currently in USA where he went to participate in the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual Conference in Chicago. He was  awarded for his relentless fight against human rights abuses in the country.

Wine and co-accused are expected to appear  in the High Court on August 6th when trial begins.

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