Waste of sperms! Mulamwah Slams A Fan Hating on His Girfriend

If you thought that Akothee and Japer Murume have the worst comebacks for their online haters, then you need to see this one. This one Mulamwa.

Mulamwah, real names David Onyango is the newest comedian in town and a fast-rising one who gained popularity after he did a refix of Kendrick Lamar Song.

He also featured in Eric Omondi’s Extrawanjanja Cover, representing the Luhyia community and their insatiable desire for chicken- Igokho!


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EXTRA WAJANJAAA!! LINK ON BIO @mammitoeunice @kartelo_official @mulamwah @antoniothemc

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Well, if you want to hurt a young Luhyia man, play with 3 things; Ugali, Chicken-Igokho and a fiancee. You touch these three and you attract destruction! lol

Now, Mulamwah who plays a Luhyia guy role shared a picture of his girlfriend online just like every young man would do, to appreciate their loved one.

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Well, there is a group of people who call themselves social media inlaws and their job is to criticize relationships and also give an opinion on which partner best suits a celebrity.

One social media in law saw Mulamwah’s post and rushed to criticizing Mulamwas girlfriend claiming that she does not dress her class. Confidently he wrote;

Unadate comedian na hata haishow….. Unavaa kama bado uko high school! ama pesa mpya ndio mnangoja tuone changes(Addressing Mulamwah’s girlfirend- you are dating a comedianΒ  and you do not look like it, you dress like a high school girl! or you guys are waititng for the new currency for us to see a change in you?)

A Mulamwah’s follower who goes by the name gilbertfazul wrote.

Mulamwah did not spare the fan, he responded to the comment so savagely, you would say that Akothee is better when it comes to unleashing comebacks.

Hii ndio shida ya kuzaliwa na shot yakwanza, Zero thinking capacity. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa. Nex time tag forus huyo wako tucopy dress code yake. waste of sperms.(The problem of products of first shot is Zero thinking capacity, this is what i can say for now, Next time tag for us your girlfiredn so that we could copy her dressing code . waste of sperms)

Mulamwah Wrote;

Here is the screenshot

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