“Wasn’t Me!” The Lies Kenyan men use when they are caught in infidelity

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Let me just say it, Men are trash.

From the lies, the sneaking behind backs, the constant blame-games(which they know is really their fault), how they make you feel insecure for things they have done to you, how they make you feel less of a person, men are just pieces of shit with legs.

The worst are those who cheat on their women and act like they  didn’t do it, making the women look dumb and feel stupid, even though they are right from the get go.

Kenyan men are pretty good at this game. They are truly the worst.

Have you ever heard of the things Kenyan men say when they caught cheating??? SMH. Lemme indulge you.

1. Why were you going through my phone

This is usually when you find something suspicious in his phone. Well as much as going through bae’s phone is a no-no, this is still such a lame excuse. Can we please get back to why you were cheating? That’s the main issue.

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2. I was drunk

Boy bye! For real?!

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3. It was just sex

And that it didn’t mean anything, that he doesn’t love her, he loves you. As sweet as this may sound, girl. If it’s just sex how about you go and ‘just have sex’ with someone else, how about that.

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4. It just happened

Sometimes dealing with children makes more sense than dealing with grown a** men. We know if just happened look for another excuse.

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5. I had to see if what I have with you was real

Lol, yes, he’ll give you some crap about how he had to test the waters somewhere else but that the grass isn’t green on the other side and you’re what he wants at the end of the day.

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6. That mami just threw herself at me

And you entertained her so what’s your point exactly?

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7. You pushed me to doing it because of X reason

Oh yes, boy has some nerve to put the blame on you for whatever shortcomings you had in the relationship. When people have issues they talk about them and deal with them, not cheat.

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Which other excuses are you sick and tired of hearing? Because there’s really never any good reason for cheating regardless of whether it’s a man or woman, ama mna ona aje?

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