TUMETOKA MBALI! A Compilation of the Best Kenyan Adverts that took over our Screentime

old Kenyan ads- Zumi

I think we can all agree that the best part about growing up is the fact that all of us almost had the same type of similar childhoods, down to our very own parental behavior who probably knew nothing to do with each other.
From the games we played, to the clothes we wore and even our favorite tv shows, there is something about the 90’s that made it one of the best times to have been alive. Growing up in the 90’s was amazing.
For one, the Kenyan Advertisements that took place really helped in molding and shaping us and our personalities.  Looking back at them makes us realize how far we’ve really come.
1. How bad was the picture quality though? Does these thing even still exist?


2. Good old OMO advert! This woman’s facial expressions were everything.


3. I’m sure we actually thought it was the Blue Band making us grow



4. Back when we swore to never touch alcohol.


5. Back when it was indeed the ‘Pride of Africa’.


6. If you remember this you’re really OLD!


7. How hot was this man though!


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