NOSTALGIA: You probably went through these Things with a Kenyan Mother

things mum did- Zumi

We’ve all been through it, we’ve all seen it, we’ve all heard it, some of us are still at it and we are always going to be having it if nnything is to go by…. the annoying phase of  Kenyan Mothers. We are literally had the same the childhood basically… unless ofcourse you are one of them “Group of schools” Kids who went to Boujee schools which served a whole 5-course meal for lunch sigh….#LivingYourBestLife.

In any case, I’m pretty sure all mothers have atleast 2 of these traits in them, because I still believe they were all somehow brought up the same exact way. The one common thing they have though, is that they all think they know it all.

Well, they could really know it all because they have had a lot more experience on life than we have while we are young as much as almost everything they tell us to do seems to just be annoying! At the end of the day, mothers do know best and these annoying things they did actually helped us turn into the amazing people we are today.

1. Have you change your outfits into something more ‘appropriate’ (read shady as hell) especially during family functions.
hot mess iyanla GIF- Zumi
2. Force you to finish all the food THEY served you even when you said ‘tosha’ as they continued to serve.
shh hush GIF- Zumi
3. Telling you to put on your sweater even when it was still so hot.


4. Giving you ‘the look’ when you were at a relative’s house and they allowed you to do what your mother would never have approved.


5. Asking for fast food and being told that there is food at home.
nope GIF- Zumi


6. Blaming your cough or sneeze on the ice-cream you had three weeks ago. They would never forget.
attitude GIF- Zumi


7. Beat the hell out of you with her weapon of choice. They took the saying ‘Spare the rod spoil the child’ way too seriously.
let's fight GIF- Zumi


8. Think that disagreeing with them was a sign of disrespect.
consequences GIF- Zumi

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