‘Wazee wageuka Vijana’- Diamond Platinumz Parents Awe People With New Looks

Money has been said to be everything. When you hear such phrases you might not believe before you see a broke person undergoing a complete transformation when money answers the call.

Its like lack of money makes the body produce hormones that make people dull, ugly and old. It’s even possible to get wrinkles very fast due to poverty.

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Tanzania Activist and the major critique to Tanzanian Bongo Fava Star Diamond Platinumz took to social media and shared photos of Diamond Platinumz Parents in lack and an abundance of wealth.

When you look at these pictures, the contrast is very visible. Diamonds father Mzee  Abdul Juma is looking like a young man dressed in jeans denim,  neck chains, and even hearings. When you look at the mother,-Mama Dangote she looks like a young girl in her twenties.

take a look at them

Although these two are no longer together, fate made them famous at their old age, and the ailing dad of Diamond has completely changed. He has a smoothe skin despite reports that he ails from skin cancer. For sure money can buy anything.

Money makes people shine, look younger and vibrant. see Diamonds mother.

When mange shared the picture, Netizens could not hold their comments and they came out praising the magic that money has played on Diamonds Parents.

Here are the comments



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Wanasema pesa ni sabuni ya roho ,,, zipate uone

A post shared by MANGEKIMAMBI (@mangekimambiiii_) on

Hahahahaha pesa ni shirkiii to

Wazee wamekua vijana baba diamond anavaa hereni muda c mrefu 😁😁😁kumbe ilikua Njaa tu wala alikua haumwi

Hapa nimekubali 

Pesa ndio rafikiwakweri.❤️❤️

👏👏pesa ndokilakit baba naa mama wamekuw wajan pes 🔥

Kweli Bibi kawa kibinti


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