Shame! Famous Kenyan Political analyst Dirty Chat Exposed By ex- Side Chick(Photos)

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Benji Ndolo

Political strategist Benji Ndolo has found himself under hot soup after a young lady identified as Miss Lilly – LilianNyambuto exposed the other side of her.

Miss Lily
Lilian Nyabuto

I wonder which word would best describe his story if the prayer breakfast was obscene. This man has been exposed badly. Despite him being an influencer he is the worst gossiper. I mean Tuko and ghafla are better off in gossip compared to Benji Ndolo.

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His gossip exceeds that of women, no wonder as old as he is he can afford to gossip with a very young girl! Kama ni umama, he has it in plenty and if Maina Kageni had some Umama, I think its high time Benji Is crowned the Chairman of ‘Umama’

Lilly went on her twitter handle and send screenshots of her chats with Ndolo after he accused her of forcing herself to him.

Lilly came out clear that she denied Benji.

Take a look at the chats





Although the screenshots are not arranged in order, it’s clear that Benji was seducing this young woman who turned him down so badly.

After realizing that he was exposed he blocked the woman and later arrogantly claimed that she helped him gain more followers.

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