Waititu’s Property Buying Spree That Made Him Dig His Own Grave

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Just how wealthy is Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu? Is he really corrupt or his wealth is as a result of hard work?

Well, these are some of the questions Kenyans will be looking to get answers to from Anti-Corruption Detectives who have launched investigations into the Governor’s vast multi-billion shilling empire.

Governor Waititu Wealth has accumulated tremendously since he became the Kiambu County Chief in 2017 and it is for this reason that EACC believe that he has a case to answer.

Of particular interest is a chain of prime property in Nairobi and Kiambu that the governor has reportedly acquired within the one and a half years he has been in office.

Waititu recorded a statement with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in Nairobi, yesterday.

EACC spokesman Yassin Amaro appeared to sum up details of the probe when he said:

“We are on a trail to establish the unexplained wealth that he has amassed within the short period that he has been in office. The governor seems to have embarked on a buying spree of property, without blinking an eye about their prices.”

But addressing journalists moments after being released by Kiambu principal magistrate Brian Khaemba on a Sh500,000 anticipatory bail pending investigations, Waititu blamed woes on his political opponents whom he claimed have been calling for his arrest and ouster.

The governor, who was accompanied by his wife Susan and daughter Faith Njeri Harrison, described the raid at his houses as normal as it is being done to other governors across the country.

“Though I support the war on corruption, let it be done without politicising the whole thing. We have reached a stage where the campaign is being used to settle political scores. But I have said I am in ‘Tanga Tanga’ to stay,” he said.

Waititu, who had been arrested alongside his daughter are expected to return to the EACC offices on Tuesday.

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