Tough Times: Mother sells her baby to buy a smart phone

Nneka Donatus 27, a single mother from Nigeria has been arrested for selling her baby to buy a smartphone and invest in a small business.

Also arrested were a level 12 civil servant at the state Ministry of Women Affairs, Ujunwa Udechukwu, 40; and Nneoma Onwusereaka, 37. This was due to the fact that they allegedly conspired with the single mother to sell the baby to a couple.

In contrast, Nneka confessed that she used part of the proceeds to buy a phone, wrapper and slippers for herself. She told our correspondent that she was not ready to keep the baby girl having given birth to five children already. Even more, she explained that she wanted to use what remained of the money to start a business.

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The woman, who spoke in her native dialect, said, “I sold my baby girl for N600,000 and used N15,000 from the money to buy a phone, wrapper and slippers and transported myself back home. I asked Nneoma Onwusereaka and her husband, who had the balance to use it to start a business for me. I have five children already and I am separated from my former husband.

According to Ugwire, Nneka Donatus who separated from her husband says she has five children already.

The mother of Nneka reported the matter to SARS operatives after the lady returned home without the newborn baby.

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