Let’s talk about What it takes to Be in an Open Relationship

Times have changed people! It’s a new era of different times… technological changes, open-mindedness and productive controversy.

We are trying new things, getting laid, getting into open relationships,  drinking lots of water and winning at everything we touch! Open relationships aren’t a new phenomenon though it has become more common recently, mainly with people hacking each other down, like wtf people??

Here are three top tips for an open relationship.

1. You should both want it

This is a hard subject to broach at any given time because most of us want the ideal relationship that has been drilled into our heads since forever. But if you find that you have been mentally pushing that boundary, speak to your partner about it, see if they are open to trying out a more open arrangement. If one partner wants out then you should also be open, but the both of you should on board.

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2. You need a rule book

Uh oh, I know. But it’s always all fun and games until someone gets their heart broken, sets a house on fire and joins a cult. We don’t want that for you, that’s why you need to create a Rule Book, setting ground rules like what actions and behaviours are allowed and disallowed under your open arrangement. You need to give thought to all scenarios and circumstances that could arise and the best way to handle those situations.

3. Do not keep secrets

That’s the whole point of an open relationship! You are allowed to have any other sexual partner other than your boo and still keep your boo! Cake. Me. Have. Eat it too!

Because you will be sexually intimate with other people, you and your partner will have the occasional stab of jealousy, and that’s normal, the only way to eliminate this is by being open about who you’re shagging that’s not your man!

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Open relationships are something you can explore in a stable and loving relationship. It will definitely stretch your relationship in ways you do not anticipate but also be careful.

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