LADIES! Here’s the Little White Lies you’re allowed to tell your Bae

Ladies, let no one lie to you by telling you that you should be honest with your man on everything. Trust me on this.

Contrary to common belief, men actually have fragile egos and cannot handle the truth… atlest like how the rest of us women do. Being completely honest may ruin his ego and even fracture is self esteem.

I am a firm believer in saying the truth but some things don’t have to be said. There are those situations where you’re allowed to lie to your bae. We are all human beings, people who are prone to error and the same people who could not follow simple instructions from when the world began. In order to maintain peace sometimes you just to play it smart and these 4 times make sense.

1. You’re allowed to tell him sweet nothings 

Becuase why not? Sometimes showering your man with compliments and telling him that he is the best man on earth just makes sense. Tell him that there is no one who can ever take his place even if there’s this cute guy you think would make a great boyfriend.

times you're allowed to lie to bae
2. Boost his self-esteem by telling him sexual lies 

Tell him he is great in bed and let him know that you like how he drives you crazy in bed. If you tell him he is the best guy you have ever had he will probably try to maintain that status.

signs you will get back with your ex
3. Just tell him you’re sorry to get it over and done with 

Because some things are not worth going on about. Sometimes you just have to choose your friendship over your ego, otherwise, you lose everything.

times you're allowed to lie to bae
4. How you feel about his friends and family

To be honest, you will have to be around these people so the best you can do is be courteous about the people he loves. I mean you don’t need to be honest about how lame his brother is or how his friends are the worst.

times you could lie to your bae

You can never be too honest because some feelings are too raw and hurtful to keep exposing them. But always speak honestly if it’s something serious and if he found out it would affect your relationship.

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