Why Kenyans Are In Love With Chipukeezy

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Despite the controversies surrounding Chipukeezy’sfightagainst Bhang,  there is one thing about Chipukeezy that has made Kenyan’s Love him.

During Funny Truth 4 event which went down at KICC on May 11, Chipukeezy invited James Mbugua, the young boy behind the mathwiti makeki viral video.

It on this particular event where James met his destiny changers. He got a number of os sponsors who promised to sponsor his education, upkeep.

some of the sponsors who committed their resources to fund James’ education and upkeep are;

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Dennis Itumbi

DenisItumbi; Who contributed some money and promised that he will make sure that James Mbungua meets the deputy president before the end of May.

CEO Jambopay; who promised to take care of his school fees from his current class up to the university level.

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CEO Jambo Pay Danson Muchemi

The multichoice company which also promised to give 100K in support of the young boy.

All these together with the people who attended the event gave something to support the young Mbugua whose story was so emotional.

Well, Chipukeezy took to social media and thanked everyone who sacrificed their resources towards making the life of James Better.

During the FunnyTruth4, we did a small fundraise for James Mbugua a.k.a “Mathwiti” from Ndumberi, Kiambu County. Special Gratitude to my brother @DenisItumbi, for his contribution and promise that Kinuthia will have a chance to meet the Deputy president this week .
CEO of @jambopay who promised to take care of his school fees from his current class upto the university level. @Multichoice also promised to give 100K in support of the young boy. Am grateful to everyone who chipped in to support the Young Soul. May God Bless This Quest, God Bless Kenya. 

Chipukeezy wrote;

The act of Chipukeezy creating a platform that saw the life of James Mbugua changed warmed the heart of many Kenyans.Remember that it is In that event where James Mbugua Landed an ambassadorial job with the cake house

The event was a real life changer for James Mbungua and Kenyans Cannot stop praising Chipukeezy for making it happen. Here is what they are saying

Chipu u doing great things may u stay blessed 🙏

Boss baraka zenye zitakufuata for helping others Utashangaa Ata Wewe, kazi njema man

Great job chipukeezy

endelea kushikilia watu mkono na Mungu atakubariki……bless up 

it’s a good gesture well done

This whole thing has made many Kenyans Love Chipukeezy

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