DCI Jumps Into Raw Sewage to Disarm Dangerous City Woman


Image result for kenya filthy latrine

DCI sleuths Wednesday arrested a middle-aged lady suspected to be ‘armed and dangerous.’

Upon further interrogation, the woman is said to have directed the detectives to a pit latrine in her residence where a gun was reportedly hidden.

Stunned, the DCI officers would find a completely filled latrine with raw sewage.

But the detectives were in it for the long haul and had the patience to go full throttle to the case’s logical conclusion.

They would hire a local exhauster in the area to empty the septic, periodically monitoring whether the firearm had been sucked in alongside the waste.

When the exhauster had completely drained the waste, the detectives jumped into the septic tank and reached for the filth-covered Czeska pistol loaded with 15 rounds of ammo.

The woman has since been identified as Lydia Njeri Mwangi.

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