Eurobond ndio mshwari ya serekali? Angry KOT react to Kenya’s 3rd Euro bond

The government of Kenya has borrowed another  Sh210 billion in third Eurobond to finance the budget and repay Sh75 billion bond that is due in June this year.

The loan will be used to finance some unspecified development infrastructure projects, support expenditure budget and to refinance the $750 million (Sh75 billion) of the first Euro-bond issued in 2014 which is due on June 24.

This is the third time Kenya has been in the International Debt Capital Markets.

However, Kenyans have refused to buy the idea and are now angrily reacting to the move taken by the government.

Some argue that the Country has unnecessary expenditures like Huduma Namba but Kenya is still floating a third Eurobond to pay for the first Eurobond.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans.

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