Hilarious Comments: Raila Odinga Jets in Quietly but Kenyans can’t keep quiet!

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga jetted into the country from China on Wednesday evening but Kenyans online couldn’t let him enjoy his privacy in peace.

The ODM Leader had announced his arrival on his Facebook page and was received by National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi and National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed .

While some took to the social media to welcome Baba back home, many snatched the opportunity to question Raila on what happened to the promised SGR goodies they were expecting him to land back with from China.

Many made fun of the fact that China had still not committed funds needed for the extension of the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu.

Others used the to update the former premier of the events that happened while he was away. “We prayed for rain and God gave us rain but more importantly, He made sure you and your brother hakuna kufuliza ( did not get a top-up loan ) from China,” commented William Mollyns

Alex Atisi told Odinga that he missed an opportunity to witness Deputy President William Ruto visit former President Daniel Moi ‘s Kabarak home after failed attempts.
He was also informed that the DP’s own workers had stolen eggs from his Sugoi farm.

“While you were away someone stole his eggs, am still wondering how he identified his eggs from other eggs,” stated Victor Omondi .

Here are some of the funny comments from facebook;

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