Looming Show Down In Narok As Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga Groups Vow To Clash During Madaraka Day Celebrations

Two warring groups in Jubilee have plotted against each other and the day is set. Kenya will be celebrating Madaraka Day in Narok county, an event that will be attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Even though it is day of national celebrations and patriotism, Jubilee politicians from rival camps have vowed to flex their muscle, on who controls Narok politics.

There is a growing animosity between the two groups, one allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta (Kieleweke) and the other his deputy (Tanga Tanga). Over the last few months, the divisions  have spat out in the public with each group attacking each other, attacks which have not only roped in party officials, but also pitted Uhuru against Ruto.

Insiders say the two leaders no longer see eye to eye as it has been previously.

“I understand there is lobbying between the two factions wanting to show who controls Narok. I am warning those planning such unnecessary political showdowns to keep off my constituency of Narok North where the event will take place and Narok at large,” warned Narok North MP Moitalel ole Kenta(ODM) .

The MP, who has a soft spot for President Uhuru Kenyatta said the merger of Jubilee after dissolution of TNA, which he was a member, and URP plus other parties was a miscalculated political move, and is the cause of today’s wrangling in Jubilee.

“I was among those who opposed the merger between the two parties. I even moved to court to block the dissolution of my then party TNA. I knew the merger will create a fallout and from what is happening now. I am vindicated,” said Mr Kenta.

He also said the Maasai community firmly supports the handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta and has told off Deputy President William Ruto on his constant politicking even after being warned by the head of state.

“When the President says he does not want 2022 politics and his Deputy is all over doing campaigns that is undermining the president and it is wrong,” said the ODM MP.

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