Strange vision of Huduma Namba registered citizens seriously suffering

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Huduma Namba has not survived superstition and religious hits despite Uhuru’s stern warning to those preaching untrue stories related to myths with the registration.

Drama ensued on Wednesday after a man stormed Huduma Namba registration center in Dagoretti, Nairobi, and demanded his records be erased from the system.

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The man, who claimed he had registered when the exercise was launched early April, termed the exercise satanic.

“When I was registered I never knew this Huduma Namba is this satanic,” he said

The man said to be in his mid-20s, claimed he was out of his senses when he got listed in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS).

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It took the intervention of locals to calm him down.

Explaining his new move, the man said he received a strange vision showing him how those who had registered were seriously suffering.

President Kenyatta visibly recently expressed his astonishment with how the pastors had convoluted arrived the facts about the Huduma Namba.

Mimi nilishangaajuzinamiminawaheshimu (makasisi) haswanikiwamkristonikiskiamakasisiwenginewakisemaatihii ni namba ya shetani, (I respect the preachers as a Christian myself but it was surprising to hear some of them claiming that the Huduma Namba is the devil’s number),” he began.

The president clarified that the government was not up to anything of the sort and would make arrangements for every Kenya to have a copy of the all information about themselves as well as protect the same data from unauthorized access.

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