Another Hospital shame after delivering woman bleeds to death

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Shalom Hospital saga is far from over yet another disturbing news has been revealed sadly of how a mother to be painfully died while giving birth at St Teresa Hospital, Kikuyu, Kiambu County.

Hellen had had her prenatal checkups at Kijabe Hospital but was turned away when she drew closer to giving birth. Apparently, the hospital no longer accepts payment via the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

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As fate would have it, she ended up at St Teresa where she was going to give birth to her third born.

The deceased, as detailed by a close friend on social media, was induced into labor. She is said to have started bleeding.

The hospital would leave her unattended from 8.30pm only to take her to theatre fours hours later.

Image result for images of childbirth complications

At this time, she had bled out though it is not clear at what exact time did she and her unborn child breathe their last.

The health facility management kept mum about the unfortunate turn of events. The family had to call the police to get information out of the management.

The medics are apparently in hiding even as the family seek to find out the cause of death.

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