NOT THAT SAFE! Ways you could still get Pregnant with Condoms

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Who said you can’t get pregnant with a condom on?

You may get pregnant with a condom on because for starters no contraceptive is 100%, the best way to avoid pregnancy is to not have sex. But sometimes things may happen against all odds and boom, you’re pregnant and you could swear he used a condom. You try and remember when and how it happened but the reality is that his swimmers got though and here you are now trying to understand what happened. Here are a few ways you could get pregnant with a condom on.

1. It’s an old condom

Condoms also expire and sometimes a guy may insist on using one even if it’s been there for ages. While you’re in the heat of the moment please just ask him if it’s expired because it’s better than getting pregnant or a disease.

ways you can get pregnant using a condom
2. Storage problems

Condoms should be stored properly. Heat damages latex condoms, so they shouldn’t be kept in a hot place such as a glove compartment or a wallet. Keep them somewhere cool like your cabinet or nightstand instead.

ways you could get pregnant with a condom
3. There was too much friction

A condom can break when there is too much friction. This is why you need to be wet when having sex or at the very least use lubrication instead.

ways you can get pregnant with condoms
4. The condom was not the right size

Yep, it was either too small or large. it can rip, so experiment with different-sized condoms to get a snug fit — not too tight and not too loose. If it’s loose it can end up getting stuck in there which can be very awkward and it’s just another way for his swimmers to fertilize your egg.

ways you can get pregnant with a condom
5. You were too tight

If you were too tight you probably needed lubrication but ignored this fact. Some women’s vaginal muscles are naturally tight, so to help prevent condom breakage using lubrication is a must.

ways you can get pregnant with condoms

In whatever situation you happen to use a condom, you need to be safe. Some men use condoms that have expired, others are using the wrong size then when you get pregnant they blame you. Please remind them that the above reasons could still put you at risk. On the other hand, please use contraceptives that work for you.

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