Senior Man of God Warns Ruto & Co. From Taking Over Pulpits to Spearhead Their Agenda

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Has the Anglican Church of Kenya finally taken a stand on the ongoing debate regarding church donations?

The thorny issue of cash donations by politicians to churches continues to draw lots of reactions with the head of the Anglican Church of Kenya finally taking a stand on the same.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has urged all bishops to reject donations from politicians.

Speaking during the Multi-Sectoral Initiative Against Corruption on the role of the Church in the fight against corruption, Sapit expressed concern that cash gained nefariously is increasingly being brought to the church to a warm reception thus tainting the image of the house of worship.

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“Let the pulpit be for the worship so that when we are leading the service, there are no interference from other people who spell out subjects not the agenda of the church,” he said.

“We need to dissect and identify the way of giving. This hype that I have to be known, I have to be given an opportunity to speak is what the Church is now saying ‘No’ to.” He added.

He acknowledged that the Church has lost in that game by allowing politicians to take over the pulpit and instead challenged churches to mobilise their own resources to fund development.

It so looks like Sapit’s latest directive to Churches is thinly aimed at Deputy President William Ruto, who in recent years has become a foremost generous and regular giver to churches.

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Ruto has been giving millions to churches, drawing applause and apprehension in equal measure. Critics have interpreted his donations as meant to endear himself politically to congregants.

He has however insisted that he has seen the goodness of the Lord in his life from being a chicken seller to the Country’s Deputy President and as such nobody will stop him from spearheading the Lord’s ministry through his generous donations.

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