Sad: Kenyan Women who will kill you without a second thought

A man nursing injuries from the beatings of his wife

Kenyan men, this is a wake-up call for you to ensure you totally know the woman you are planning to marry or move in with or else atakumaliza!

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From murder to other crimes, women are leading with up to 17%.  Women have become more deadly than you’ve ever thought.

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Women are engaging in violent crimes at an alarming rate. Shocking statistics have shown that ladies, YES women are getting in the most violent crimes more than men.

An audit report by the Justice department has recommended that conclusive research be conducted to determine the root cause of the increased violence by ladies.

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While many of the men offenders have been accused and tried for gender offense, most ladies offenders have been accused of violence and property related crimes.

Violence cannot be justified but these are some reasons ladies have become more violent over the years in the Kenya.

Irresponsibility: First, Kenyan men have become very irresponsible; most men are leaving their women to provide everything at home, while they only spend their time and money on alcohol.

A Drunk man

Poverty is also another reason that has increased the rate at which women are engaging in criminal activities. they are joining criminal gangs just as a way of getting some income to feed their families.

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Alcoholism:This has been rampant in the Central part of Kenya. Illicit drinks have led to many men becoming useless and absconding from their duties. they have resulted to violence, the women may not have the intentions of killing the drunk husband but in the process it happens and becomes murder.


Infidelity:  We have all heard of love triangles and the rate at which crimes of passion are increasing, many men have gotten themselves killed for cheating on their wives or girlfriends. Some will also kill you just to get you money. This will mostly occur with the married types.


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