How to be a millionaire before turning 30

It’s time you became part of the selected few by joining the elite club of millionaires under 30. Being a Millionaire is every young person’s dream and ambition.

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Every day the world is making new millionaires in their 20s and 30s. This can be seen as unattainable or just success stories for a selected few.

Think big, think of 10million net worth and business. As they say, aim for the sun and you will definitely land on the stars or moon if you never get to the sun, and that will definitely be a big achievement.

Always have big dreams and big plans on how to implement the path to your millionaire status.

Save to invest – many of us are very good in saving for no given reason. We just want to hear that our accounts in the bank are full of money. The money in the bank is just sitting idle and not bearing any extra income. Save with a plan to invest in a viable project that will bring more money from your savings.

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Avoid debt and loans which don’t add value to your business and growth- if you are starting your business, avoid luxury loans such as personal car loans, loans to go for a holiday and loans to do weddings.

Instead, borrow to acquire land and other assets which will increase your level of income. As a rule of thumb, only borrow money if you are sure the loan will increase your income.

Be mean with money– a wise spender will go places when it comes to investment and growth of fortunes. If you want to get rich and stay rich you will have to put priorities right. A millionaire will never use money without a plan. Use money for the right purpose, invest as much as you can and once your business grows and stabilizes you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor by going for holidays and buying luxuries.

Have a millionaire mentor or a person whom you look up to, you may not be able to meet them but you can always read about them on the internet or books. Read about their struggles and success and see how you can implement and learn from their story in making yours.

Image result for images of a black man who is millionaire mentor
Millionnaire Mentor

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