Boy Kills His Mother’s ‘Mpango Wa Kando’

A angry 16 year old boy in Litein is now a citizen under police radar after he stabbed to death a man who he found in bed with his (boy) mother.

The Form One student at Kiburus Secondary School found the 65-year-old man having sex with his 40-year-old widowed mother.

The teenager, thereafter, reached for a kitchen knife and fatally stabbed the old man in the chest. The incident happened at the widow’s house in Ririat Village, a few kilometers from Litein Town.

According to neighbours, the boy had asked the man: “What are you doing with my mother, yet you are not my father?”

A confrontation, which led to the fatality, ensued.

The deceased was moved to Kapkatet District Hospital mortuary.

According to the suspect’s neighbour, Mercy Mutai, the boy is “usually quiet” and “has never portrayed elements of violence”.

“After killing the man, the boy’s mother screamed. I rushed to the scene and saw the old man fall down with a sickening thud as blood oozed from his chest,” said Ms Mutai.

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