Akothee can’t stop ‘fantasizing and drooling’ over this Kenyan married eye-candy (photos)

Akothee has thrown all caution to the wind and exposed her thirst over popular married presenter.

She took to social media with two posts of Jamal Gadaffi, the KTN entertainment presenter. She is not alone as many women have fallen for his looks.

Akothee tried to play safe by posting his picture saying she is looking for the kind of jeans Jamal is wearing for her sons.

Where can I get this kind of jeans for my sons @jamalgaddafiofficial

Soon after she shared another picture of Jamal appreciating his shoes but we all know that’s not what she is after.

Ze kind of onion type of bae @jamalgaddafiofficial see ze shoes

Women in the comment section backed her up thirsting over the light-skinned lad.

Star: Where can I get that kind of a shirt in man and that man in that shirt @jamalgaddafiofficial

Lynnx: @akotheekenya hizo nyasi ziko green kweli when u get your answer kindly DM me the location I need me them greener pastures 

Chero: I am looking for the exact shirts for my brothers.when you find him please let me know;i need him to give me directions to the shop personally

Njoks: where can I get a man good looking like Jamal?”

Khadija: Why are you trying to ruin someone’s marriage???you are cursed!!!umefunga comment huko wacha tukoment hapa !!!his wife ana mtoto mdogo na huko hapa unaedekeza nyege shenzi kabisa!!! Unenyonya nellyoaks ameisha unatafuta mwingine!!!ile radi itakupasua inafanya pressups kwa joho

Perpetua: Lemi go to his page to look for more jeans,this dude is on

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