After Akothee, a Tanzanian musician slammed for releasing a song while wearing diapers

Tanzanian gospel musician, Annoint Amani has come under harsh criticism after he released a song where he is featured wearing diapers.

The musician who dropped the controversial music video had evoked anger amongst gospel music fan across East Africa.

Amani, popularly known for referring to himself as ‘Rose Muhando’s son’, released his latest video dubbed Zero to Hero – Mwanza Nyegezi.

The video has angered hundreds of his fans who condemned him for displaying nudity in a song classified as ‘gospel music.’

Kenya’s Ukambani gospel sensation Stephen Kasolo could not take the video release lightly.

Kasolo went ahead to comment on Annoint’s video on YouTube, asserting: “I have never seen such gospel songs, listen to me Annoint, I am your brother, it is stupid to remove your clothes in a gospel song.

“What is this, you won’t be famous if you do not undress? It is true the song made you popular but where is the respect for the body of Christ?” Kasolo wondered.

However, it is reported that this is not the first time that Amani is on the receiving end of backlash for his music.

Here is a photo

Annoint Amani

Previously, he had been criticized for using Muhando’s name to progress himself.

However, the once-celebrated musician got him out of trouble by admitting he was her spiritual son.

Speaking during a past interview, Muhando affirmed that she did not have a problem with Amani referring to himself as her son.

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