Mbosso is the next big thing in Wasafi; See how

Mbosso might just be another big thing to happen to Wasafi.

Mbosso, who is currently enjoying his home of WCB, has started off February with Valentine mood. Mbosso was signed under WCB in 2018 and since then he has released hit after hit.

the bongo star rose to fame after their hit song ‘Nitakupwelepweta’ with his band members, Yamoto Band. This was a sing-along song and was massive in East Africa. This was one of the biggest songs to be released by a Tanzanian band and currently enjoys almost five million views on YouTube. The band enjoyed airplay and later released ‘cheza kwa madoido’, ‘mpaka nizikwe’ which went beyond borders.

Mbosso and Diamond Platinumz

However, since the release of ‘Mama’, everyone started singing their own tune and the group split. Aslay started doing a solo project after the ugly breakup of the promising group.

Mboso left music but luckily he was rescued last year after he was signed to Wasfi Classic Baby. He owes thanks to Diamond Platinumz for identifying with his music and helping him out. The bongo star received pure love from bongo fans and across East Africa.

On his Instagram page, he is seen dancing in a wedding with caption;

“Ukiwa na Harusi, Send Off ,Birthady , Sijui Kibeseni , Sijui Kusasambua ?? , yani Shughuri Yoyote ile na Mahali Popote kwenye hii Dunia “Kama unamuhitaji Mbosso Khan awepo hapo Usisite na Shaka Ondoa ” Piga tu namba +255652088891 “Moja Kwa Moja itapokelewa na Manager na atakupa mwongozo mzima Yani ni Wewe na Mchele wako Sisi Hatuchagua na hatukatai Pesa Kikubwa ufike kiwango..”Chukua hiyo na Mwambie na mwenzako “MBOSSO” Katumwa Pesa..

Mboso’s latest song ‘Tamu’ has hit 2 million views on Youtube in just 3 weeks.

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