Digital zombies? Why William Ruto’s selfie moment has angered many




Selfie here, selfie there…. and no word! A section of Kenyans have reacted angrily to William Ruto’s selfie moment while at the University of Nairobi saying that it proves that we have digital  zombies in the making.

The reactions come a day after the Deputy President; William Ruto went to  University of Nairobi to defended his PhD thesis. Kenyan youth might not know the dangers associated by the selfie syndrome but it is an addiction that has picked up for quite some time now.

“The term “selfitis” was originally coined in 2014. It spread like wildfire throughout Internet-land before the original article, which claimed the American Psychological Association classified “selfitis” as a mental disorder, was outed as a hoax.

The obsession with taking selfies might be a real mental “illness.” If you take six or more selfies per day, you’ve got it bad, they say. Maybe most of us are in denial but we are already struggling with this addiction.


Ruto’s selfie moment has got heated reactions as one Kenya stated that instead of the youth having a conversation with the Deputy President, all they could do was think and beg to take selfies with him.

“Have a keen look at this photo. Imagine of this rare opportunity to meet the DP one on one & none of this youths saw the importance of talking to him & telling him something of substance to help them, but to take selfies. Pics will not help. A bad disease”

Here are some of the reactions

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