KOT react as retired Kenyan Athlete is linked to Rio Scandal

Hezekiah Kipchoge Keino is one of the kenyan celebrated athletes, now  a retired Kenyan track and field  athlete. He was the chairman of the Kenyan Olympic Commitee (KOC) until 29th September 2017.

Before joining competitive athletes, Kipchoge Keino was a physical training instructor of the Kenyan police force trainer of the  Kipchoge Keino  is said to be one of the first great runner that Kenya ever produced. He is a man of notable achievements  in the athlete world.

He is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist, Keino was among the first in a long line of successful middle and long distance runners to come from the country and has helped and inspired many of his fellow countrymen and women to become the athletics force that they are today.

In 2012, he was of one of 24 athletes inducted as inaugural members of the International Association of Athletics Federations Hall Of Fame.

Throughout his career, Kipchoge Keino won  almost a dozen of medals. Mostly awarded for being an amazing long distance runner. Fans  may have different narratives of a man that has  impacted the lives of many, inspired others by his career in athletics as well as how he made his country.

The narrative does not change, or maybe it will  after his name was listed  on a statement from the office of the Director of Public prosecution in relation to the Rio Scandal.

In a statement, from the office of the DPP, the suspects on the list will face six counts of abuse of office and four counts of willful failure to comply with laws relating to the management of public funds.

Among those on the list, are the Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario, ex- Sports PS Richard Ekai and alongside Keino they will  face charges of misappropriation of Rio Olympics 2016 funds.

A section of Kenyans however fear that being being implicated in this scandal will cost the retired athlete’s reputation. Here are some of the comments.

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