Constituent confuses Rarieda Mp for senator

Rarieda Mp Amollo Otiende

Honorable Otiende Omollo has revealed he is touching lives of widows in his constituency from his own pocket and thats not all, he claims the expenditure amounts to 65% of his salary. A lady congratulating him on twitter said,”Many of us lead but not many of us lead with a NOBLE HEART…. great work my senator! God bless!”

She was corrected in the comment section immediately and she appreciated learning the fact.

Rarieda MP has warmed hearts of many Kenyans with his generous initiative. The firebrand lawyer, well remembered for representing National Super Alliance (NASA) in the successful 2017 presidential election petition, said he would not abandon the Ondoa Nyasi project aimed at eradicating grass thatched houses and replacing them with iron sheet roofed structures.

MP Otiende Amollo reveals he uses 65% of his salary to build decent houses for constituents

In his tweet seen on Saturday, October 13, Amollo revealed the amount he uses from his salary to fund the project, vowing he would not be stopped by discouraging sentiments of critics who have rubbished the project challenging him to build stone-walled houses for the women

“For the avoidance of doubt, I do, and will keep doing Ondoa Nyasi. I spend 65% of my Bunge (Parliament) salary in this project every month,. National Government Constituency Development Funds cannot be used for this project” read part of Amollo’s tweet. He disclosed that he was building five houses every month, with every structure costing at least KSh 70, 000 which translates to KSh 350, 000 monthly expenditure.

The MP turned a deaf ear to those who said the project was insignificant in the sense that the widows would still be living in mud houses with the iron sheets roof being the only difference. He challenged them to bring in their contributions and even help develop the expensive structures they proposed rather than sitting on the sidelines nay saying. “Anyone willing is welcome to assist, including building a more expensive structures. I have 260 pending request for such houses. We have done the 23rd for Mama Daina Okello at Magombe and presented solar units to all other widows whom we had build houses for” Amollo said.

In yesterdays tweet he also revealed presenting solar units to the women




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