Does Ruto want Raila to vie in 2022 for him to rig easily?

On Sunday 30,2018 Deputy President William Ruto accused NASA leader Raila Odinga of using the spirit of handshake to bring conmanship and propaganda in the government.

Ruto warned Odinga that the handshake witnessed between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9, 2018 was not a licence to conmanship in the government.

He noted that Odinga has been fighting him since the KANU era, citing that it will not be possible for Odinga to kick him out of Jubilee the same way he did to him while in ODM Party.

He further cites that the aim of the handshake was to bring unity and spearhead for development and not coning Kenyans money.

However, Ruto’s sentiments against Odinga have welcomed hilarious reactions from Kenyans on twitter who strongly accuse Ruto for making such a statement.

They now claim that William Ruto is always worried of Odinga whenever he stands to speak on any political forum.

Some say Ruto wants to keep on accusing Odinga to make him vie come 2022 so that he can rig him easily.

They have now called on Ruto to stop accusing Odinga each and every time and focus on development agenda.

They say Ruto has focused much on politics rather than development, and now want him to forget about 2017 politics which Odinga participated, and focus on development.

Here are some of the reactions against Ruto from Kenyans on Twitter.

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