Louis Otieno hits rock bottom

Louis Armstrong Otieno was one of the most sought after television personalities, his presence was gold, everyone wanted to be associated with him, and then the music stopped.

Mr. Otieno, who worked for every major TV station in Kenya;  KBC, KTN, K24 and Citizen TV, now lives in queer silence of his own world since he suffered acute pancreatic infection that affected his hearing system. He has suffered severe depression too.

The man, in an interview with KTN says his phones used to ring off the hook but as soon as he fell ill, his fame hastily faded away, and his friends fled.

“Nobody calls or even bothers to ask how I’m doing,” he says.

He is seeking help from well wishers and the few friends he may have left since the family has taken loans to facilitate his medical treatment.

He needs an expensive electronic ear implant that will take him back Ksh.4 million to fully restore his hearing and balance.

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