Redsan and tiwa savage are “good”

Dancehall star Redsan has promised to expose the rogue promoters who neglected Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage after her performance at the Carnivore Grounds.

The singer had to find her way to the airport after the promoters switched off their phones.

Tiwa went to her social media page to call for help saying “Checking out of the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists… Funny how everyone is asleep and phones are off after the show but they blow up your phone when they need you for radio and press runs before the show, ” tweeted a frustrated Tiwa Savage.

Redsan said that Kenyans should stop dragging him and his team for the Tiwa Savage mess.

“Please stop trying to drag our good names in mud, GOD has already cleaned us. What more could you do? To our media houses, I wanna say thank you; for not jumping to conclusions, for being patient and mostly for coming out in large numbers to support my album launch. Thank you for being present as we made history on Saturday,” said Redsan.

Redsan thanked Savage and his sponsors who came to support him for the album launch which marked his 5th.

“I wanna thank all my fans who came out and all my fans around the world. Tiwa Savage and I couldn’t be tighter, she came personally for my gig and did an amazing show including my bro Demarco so for the haters out there wishing it’s me in the middle of all this guess what? Your bullets missed once again. And for the vulture promoters who always come between artists your time is up.

“We will expose you this has become a norm in Kenya WHERE vultures wait for you to go through the expenses and the sacrifices of bringing good musicians to our country and then they show up last minute to steal the prize. Don’t wait for an artist to show up in Kenya then you show up with your dollars. You are the guys killing this industry and messing us up. I want to thank my sponsors and all my colleagues in the music industry for coming out last weekend to support me. You guys are awesome and thank you for your big hearts let ’s keep the flag flying and the spirit alive.

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